About Lauzun's Legion

Lauzun's Legion strives to portray the original unit as closely as possible but we are also realistic.  We can never be 100% authentic because, simply put, we are not the original Legion.  We do not think like them, we do not live like them, we do not have the same political or religious thoughts as they did and so on.

Also, unlike many other reenactment units throughout the country, we allow women to portray soldiers.  However, we do require that any person, male or female, who wants to be a soldier must be proficient in their choice to join the line.  They must be able to carry and handle the musket without difficulty, wear all accouterments including full cartridge box and sword, wear the full uniform, know the manual of arms, understand orders and maneuver quickly on the field following French commands.  We also prefer our members to be skilled in the use of the sword and bayonet.  This requirement does not mean just holding the sword or "baionette au canon" but knowing all the proper cuts, parries, thrusts, footwork  and exercises associated with either the sword or bayonet drills of the period.  The commander of the recreated Lauzun's Legion is a fencing and sword instructor who has studied the manuals of various historical periods and teaches locally.

Translation of original documents for Lauzun's Legion includes the controles (rosters), revues (inspections), ordonnances (regulations), writings/reports by Lauzun and the 1776 French drill manual as well as the 1779 French uniform regulations.  Continuing research involves translation of additional documents including an officer's journal, Lauzun's 1779 Senegal journal, his Instructions for Light Troops, his report on the Prussian Army and court documents (including his defense statement) which ended with Lauzun being sent to the guillotine on December 31, 1793.

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