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The Web Master for this site is Elton White, great-great-great-grandson of Antoine Verdel who enlisted December 13, 1778 as a musician in the Fusilier Company of the 2nd Legion of the Volontaires-Ètrangers de la Marine, which became the Volontaires-Ètrangers de Lauzun on March 5, 1780.  Antoine was transferred into the Grenadier Company of Lauzun's Legion in April 1780 and sailed to America with the Legion from Brest, France on May 2, 1780 as part of Expedition Particuliere, a force of 6,000 men commanded by the Comte de Rochambeau.  This French Army was sent to aid the Continental Army in their struggle against Great Britain and it's allies. Antoine was with his company in Newport, Rhode Island from July 1780 through early 1781 when it joined with the Continental Army in New York. July 21, 1781 the Legion, accompanied by Americans under the command of General Lincoln, participated in the Battle of Fort Knyphausen near the present day Bronx in New York.  He was with the Legion on the 36 day 400 mile march to Virginia and was present at the Battle at Gloucester Point across the York River from the Battle of Yorktown  in October 1781.  He wintered in Virginia, marched to New York and back to Delaware where he was discharged December 16, 1782 and remained in America.  He married December 11, 1784 in Virginia.  He and his wife, Edith Brewer, daughter of Sackville Brewer of Louisa County Virginia, had 2 children, Maria Sophia and John Anthony.  Antoine was killed by David Murray April 20, 1788 at Little River in Wilkes County, Georgia while attemping to collect a debt Murray owed him.

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